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Extraction Forceps (English)

The extraction forceps are used once the use of elevators is over. It helps in removing broken teeth. Furthermore, it helps to grasp the tooth and pull it out of the alveolar socket. Forceps of various sizes are available to assist dentists in extracting teeth with a variety of issues

Code: SI-10-17
upper jaw right molarsExtraction Forceps No 17English patternFig: 17..
Code: SI-10-18
upper jaw left molarsExtraction Forceps No 18English patternFig: 18..
Code: SI-10-22
lower jaw molarsExtraction Forceps No 22English patternFig: 22..
Code: SI-10-33
Lower RootsExtraction Forceps No 33English patternFig: 33..
Code: SI-10-33A
Very Fine Lower RootsExtraction Forceps No 33AEnglish patternFig: 33A..
Code: SI-10-33L
fine long beak for complete root contact, Lower RootsExtraction Forceps No 33LEnglish patternFig: 33L..
Code: SI-10-51
Upper RootsExtraction Forceps No 51English patternFig: 51..
Code: SI-10-51A
Upper Roots Long BeakExtraction Forceps No 51AEnglish patternFig: 51A..
Code: SI-10-51L
Upper Roots Long BeakExtraction Forceps No 51LEnglish patternFig: 51L..
Code: SI-10-07
upper jaw incisors and superior bicuspidsExtraction Forceps No 7English patternFig: 7..
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